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The aim of this project is to help poor & struggling people to gain access to much needed supplements & vitamins. Many do not eat food containing essential minerals due to their state of lack & poverty. Click here to learn more.


Our Health & Wellness boxes are handed out to elderly people, vulnerable women & their children as a part of our wellness & medical outreach program. The families who receive these gifts rely on them as a vital source of food supplies & nutrition. Click here to learn more.


Our Hospitality Care Packages are made up of essential needs for single vulnerable elderly people in their homes, for victims of domestic abuse & their children, for women asylum seekers & their children, for stuggling single mothers & similar others. Click here to learn more.


Through our HEART OF LOVE outreach, we support those in need and are the most vulnerable in our communities. We offer food parcels and we provide healthcare support to the poor, assist disadvantaged children, the elderly, widows and others. Click here to learn more.


Easter & Christmas boxes are put together for the children of women escaping domestic abuse, refugees, asylum seekers, single women with children, and disadvantaged children living in poverty both at home and abroad. Many of the children who receive our boxes have never received one before and it touches their hearts. Help us bring a smile to a child today.
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Many women and teenage girls do not have access to sanitary towels for their monthly periods. They resort to all sorts of alternative materials to see them through which can be embarrassing & brings on a feeling of shame. So, our wall mounted hygiene pack dispensers will help the vulnerable women meet this essential need. Help us bring dignity to women.
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We are strongly committed to setting up and building a Jannet Hopewell Leadership Academy for Girls in Ng'kanumbe, Mombasa, Kenya where disabled & able body young girls from poor homes are given a chance to be educated, looked after and given a chance in life instead of destitution and misery. A Worthy cause.
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We covet the assistance of partners who will be willing to sponsor a woman to attend one of our courses, in particular the 'Becoming Greater' course designed to help women get back their value, identity & purpose (VIP) in life and to rise to a higher level in their daily walk.
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Our water relief and disaster boxes initiative is for assisting people who are caught up in drought, flood, crop failure, or natural disasters at home and overseas.This is an initiative we carry out with our trusted partners on the ground in the nations where urgent or regular relief is required. Click here to learn more.

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Jannet Hopewell Leadership Academy Project

At Mombasa, Kenya in East Africa

We are strongly committed to setting up and building a Jannet Hopewell Leadership Academy for Girls in Ng'kanumbe, Mombasa, Kenya where disabled & able body young girls from poor homes in the Chakka Villages, living in poverty & destitution are deprived of access to good quality education. The aim is to provide a first class school facility for these girls where they are educated with pride and dignity and not toiling in a farm somewhere or being given away prematurely in marriage. The children will attend school together daily, be well fed, provided with books & uniforms and are elevated in life to become champions. We need funding, partners, volunteers, helpers and those feel called by God and whose hearts are moved to help, to please join us and partner with us to achieve this goal. We invite you to get in touch and join hands with us for this special mission assignment.

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JHM Children's Home Project

At Kothapalli, Andrah Pradesh in India

From late 2020 onwards, We aim to raise sufficient funds for the building of our Jannet Hopewell Home For Children in India. Jannet Hopewell Home For Children was registered in India on 26th of July, 2006 [Regd No. 343/2006] and has catered to many orphans since then. JHM-Scotland is now taking over the funding & management of this home from January 2018. We currently have 40 children we care for (boys & girls). They are divided between our homes at Veeralakapalli & Kothapalli villages in India. They are from impoverished and destitute backgrounds. Some are street children and others came from mothers who work in the sex trade or single parent mothers who are very poor farm labourers. The home to be built will be an accommodation for both disabled oprhans & able body orphans. All of them come from similar backgrounds...

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