Join The Army Of Finishers!

Have you always wanted to be part of spreading the Gospel?
Would you truly like to become an active partner in carrying out the 'Great Commission' given to all believers in Matthew 28v18-20?
Would you to get involved through JHM Scotland?
It is a life changing experience!
You will never regret it!
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Any Christian believer aged 16 and over can join 'The Finshers Project'.

What are the requirements?

  • Apply online.
  • Attach your passport photograph and proof of your identity.
  • Attach your CV as required providing full details about yourself.
  • Be willing to engage in field mission assignment from home
India, Nepal, China, Mali, Malawi, Bhutan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, & Bangladesh
Yes, you can but due to Corona pandemic, all international mission are suspended, however, you can still do so much from where you are.

If coming to overseas to intern, you should expect to:
Our mission trips are not holidays abroad in the sun, though it has relaxation & tour components. They are designed to enable participants to see our work and to join us in ministering to the people we care for. Your participation will be hands on and full on and you will get a chance to minister, encourage, pray with and love on the needy and those less well off in the nations. You will get a chance to see JHM operating in the nations.

You should expect to:
  • Work hard during your internship either in the United Kingdom or abroad.
  • Be on your best behaviour, be punctual, committed and act responsibly at all times.
  • No drinking, sexual exploitation of local women/men during the internship.
  • No drug use or illicit drug abuse on this trip except legally prescribed medicine.
  • You must comply with all the safety guidelines put in place to protec you from harm.
  • Accept responsibility to represent JHM with dignity and cultural sensitivity by being dignified at all times.
  • No swearing, insulting, disrespecting our staff and the peoplewe serve.
  • Conduct yourself in a courteous, dignified and respectful manner at all times.
  • Respect, adhere to and enforce the rules, policies, and guidelines set in place by JHM.
  • Respect the values, beliefs, culture & traditions of the host country.
  • Respect and obey the local laws & comply to their regulations at all times.
  • Note that matters of physical abuse, violence, rape, sexual assault, theft or similar crimes will be reported to the local police force.
  • You will be expected to participate in any ongoing conference, revival or open air prayers.
  • You will play an active role in ongoing campaigns & fundraising activities.
  • You must take care of, handle and manage all property and equipment provided to you during your internship.
  • Do not malhandle any machinery, vehicles, gadgets, tools or equipments supplied for your use.
  • Handle all upsetting issues arising in a calm, polite & dignified manner at all times
  • Treat the all people with respect, talk to them politely & with dignity and do not look down on anyone.
  • Please understand that failure to adhere to this code of conduct, or participation in an inappropriate manner may lead to you being expelled from the internship
  • The cost listed below are guidelines and are subject to change on short notice.
    Flights cost may vary depending on the nation you are coming from to join our mission internship team.

    Please check with your local travel agents:
  • For flights from the United Kingdom budget for between £550-£650 GBP.
  • Room & Board based on sharing a room with another person of the same gender - £450/12 Nights.
  • Room & Board based on single occupancy, private & self contained room- £550/12 Nights.
  • Daily transport to the tribal areas for the duration: £150/Trip