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What does the newsletter cover?
Our JHM Newsletter are produced quarterly (once every three months) in Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. The Christmas Winter) edition comes out in December annually. The newsletter carries current, recent and ongoing ministry activities both in the United Kingdom and overseas. They will carry details of our activities in all the areas of the work we do, including:
Domestic violence campaigns,
Human trafficking,
Sex trafficking,
Forced prostitution, as well as our work in:
Promoting & uplifting women,
The work we do with widows and the aged,
Our food outreach initiatives,
Our micro-financing initiatives,
Educational initiatives for orphans and children living in poverty and much more,
Book reviews and latest book list,
Fund raising activities,
Mission field reports by staffs abroad,
Upcoming projects,
Partnership reports,etc.

    Articles and contibutions to our newsletter comes from our:

    Trustees and accountable persons,
    Volunteer editors
    Volunteer journalists & writers
    Our valued freelance photographers,
    Ministry field workers,
    Media partners & contacts, General volunteers.

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